Waterproofing construction joints with bentonite swelling joint tape - White tanks

Key Facts

1 Bonding with a mounting adhesive

Spray the assembly adhesive onto the cleaned substrate using a hand cartridge and press in the AQUAFIN-CJ4 swelling joint tape covering the whole area until the assembly adhesive pushes out at the sides.

2 Mechanical fixing

Alternatively, AQUAFIN-CJ4 swelling joint tape can be screwed, nailed, or connected to the water-conducting side with a concrete covering of at least 8 cm, including a fastening grate screwed on with 4–6 fastening points. AQUAFIN-CJ4 must be applied covering the whole area of the concrete substrate.

3 Butt joints

Swelling joint tape connections with AQUAFIN-CJ4 can be applied as blunt connections. In case of larger wall profiles, secure the butt joints with a separate swelling tape featuring an overlap of at least 50 mm.

4 Overlapping joints

Alternatively, swelling tape connections can be applied with an overlap of at least 50 mm. In this case, both swelling tapes should be positioned close together to prevent voids.

5 Corner joints

Corner connections should essentially be applied with an additional safeguard.