AQUAFIN-RB400 - New standards for cementitious thick layer coatings

Almost 20 years ago SCHOMBURG placed its first mineral-based high-build coating on the market. As a hybrid waterproof membrane it combined, for the first time, the advantages of flexible waterproof slurries with high-build bituminous coatings. With the new development at that time, the East Westphalian building products specialist earned a leading role within structural waterproofing, which is still reflected in the AQUAFIN brand today. With AQUAFIN-RB400 SCHOMBURG has now placed a new mineral-based structural waterproofing membrane on the market, which is the result of continuous advancements. Stronger in performance than ever before, the new product has once again succeeded in setting standards for high quality structural waterproofing membranes and transformed innovation into perfection.

AQUAFIN-RB400 impresses with its climate independent, rapid setting and virtually loss free drying, which allows universal application as well as overcoating after only 3 hours and therefore offers real value and rapid construction progress on site. AQUAFIN-RB400 is low shrinkage and consequently results in considerably less loss in film thickness than with conventional mineral-based structural waterproofing membranes. Reduced loss on drying after application is therefore ensured. The material is suitable for thicknesses from 2 – 4 mm and can be worked for 45 minutes. Whether rain, snow or cold – thanks to its reactive curing mechanism, AQUAFIN-RB400 dries virtually independent of the climate thus preventing long waiting times and guaranteeing economical project progress. The rapid setting structural waterproofing membrane has been tested to current FPD standards.

AQUAFIN-RB400 is the result of innovative and market-analytical developments, Due to the mineral-based high-build coating’s self-film forming curing behaviour, it does not rely on ambient laboratory conditions (+20° C / 50% relative humidity). The reactive system extracts water chemically from the waterproofing film and hence forms a film virtually independent of the weather. The climatic data determined in the laboratory indicates that the product dries thoroughly even at 4°C and 90% relative humidity, within 24 hours. The product’s properties are also reached in a time frame which would require up to 28 days for classical mineral-based waterproof slurries. This results in outstanding advantages for the installer and safety for the consumer through the long term protection of buildings.

The areas of application for AQUAFIN-RB400 are extremely versatile. The new high-build coating from SCHOMBURG is suitable for waterproofing against water splashed in the building plinth zone, as a structural waterproofing membrane in contact with the ground against non-pressing water and pressing water in new-build as well as use as a horizontal moisture barrier beneath masonry work. For restoration work, AQUAFIN-RB400 can be used in accordance with the WTA technical sheet 4-6 as well as for internal waterproofing.

In addition, the use of AQUAFIN-RB400 as a waterproof interface for in-ground wooden and plastic units is highlighted. Combined with the highly elastic joint tapes, SCHOMBURG can show that it is the only supplier throughout Germany with a “Certified waterproof” rating based on proof of use.

Also when waterproofing containers and pool tanks there are often climate related challenges. An environment saturated with water vapour, above all in closed containers or low lying pool tanks requires complex and time consuming forced ventilation measures with conventional waterproofing products. When using AQUAFIN-RB400, these requirements are significantly reduced. The formation of details at transition zones with joint tapes or gaskets can be optimally carried out. AQUAFIN-RB400 dries and forms a film after a short time even in the absence of air.

When it comes to safety, AQUAFIN-RB400 is also the smart choice. The exceptional water pressure stability and excellent waterproofing values ensure safety in application and use. These advantages in combination with user friendly application, such as easy and smooth on the trowel, and the option to adjust for brush or mechanical spraying makes AQUAFIN-RB400 a safe solution for the construction site. Further details such as resistance to de-icing salts, sulphates, frost, UV and ageing as well as high flexibility and crack-bridging characteristics are impressive qualities of AQUAFIN-RB400. With immediate effect, AQUAFIN-RB400 is available in a characteristic 20 kg blue combination pack.

Furthermore AQUAFIN-RB400 will be included on Ask Albert, the SCHOMBURG-App the digital medium for planning optimum structural waterproofing for projects. Ask Albert is available to download for free from the App-Store for iOS and Android and as a web app at