ASODUR-EKF - New heavy duty epoxy resin-based adhesive and grout

ASODUR-EKF is impressive with its many advantages for the applicator and offers great value for the installation of ceramic tiles and slabs.
• ASODUR-EKF is a tile adhesive and grout in one
• Innovative formula offering savings in time and effort
• Fewer working steps on site
Time is often a deciding factor when installing tiles – innovative and solution orientated products help to complete the job with regard to the ever decreasing time resources. In order to optimally fulfil these requirements, SCHOMBURG developed ASODUR-EKF, a very capable epoxy resin-based adhesive and grout, which solves the many high demands of tiling professionals.
The liquid component B offers great advantages even at the mixing stage. The consistency allows the packaging to be completely emptied and therefore allows the optimum mixing ratio for the two components for perfect and long lasting working results.
The mixed material can be applied with considerably less effort than comparable products, which is particularly positively noticed when used as a grout, and also shows tangibly faster work. In total up to 70% less time is required when grouting and washing off on site, an advantage that means money under today’s pressure for efficiency in construction. Emulsification and wash-off occurs in one step with a hydro-sponge board and therefore leads to optimum filling of the joint. A white pad is no longer required, which in addition to time, saves on materials. Clean, mains water is all that is needed for washing off. It does not need to be warm or with reduced surface tension.
ASODUR-EKF is of the newest generation of epoxy resin technology – which can also be seen in the material consistency. This is considerably less sticky, which allows tools to be more easily cleaned. Above all, sponge boards can be used for considerably longer and cleaning is very simple with water and almost without residue.
Particularly in industrial applications, ASODUR-EKF shows its strengths. The product is resistant to many acids, alkalis, sea water or brine. Consequently the product is the ideal choice for use in high performance environments such as e.g. laboratories, swimming pools, dairies, breweries or meat processing plants. The cured grout offers protection against mould and bacteria and fulfils the highest requirements for safety.
ASODUR-EKF has many applications and provides secure thin-bed adhesion to concrete, screed, render and even existing tiled finishes. Furthermore the epoxy resin-based adhesive and grout is suitable for interior and exterior areas. When used as an adhesive, it can be applied in bed depths from 1-10 mm, when used as a grout joints up to 20 mm wide are possible. The application window is generous at 60 minutes. After 16 hours, the tiled finish can be walked over and after 48 hours will accept light foot traffic and can be put into full service after seven days.
ASODUR-EKF additionally shows that modern building materials as well as being orientated towards supporting application solutions they also contribute to responsible building performance: with the Emicode mark “EC1-Plus“, the two component system based on epoxy resin is certified as very low emissions and offers the highest possible safety regarding indoor air quality. Furthermore Asodur-EKF is certified to DIN EN 12004 R2T and to DIN EN 13888 RG2.
ASODUR-EKF also offers an advantage where storage and transport costs are concerned. As it can be used as an adhesive and grout, only one product for two applications is needed in the warehouse and on the building site. In addition to the wallet, it is also good for the environment.
ASODUR-EKF is available in 6 kg combination units in the colours mid-grey and titanium grey. Additional information about the product can be found via the website -