ASODUR-GH-S is now available as a practical complete kit

The All-in-One solution of SCHOMBURG’s rapid hardening silicate-based casting resin offers increased convenience and security for distributors and on the building site.
• Components A and B, protective gloves and screed clips in one practical kit
• Always to hand, even when speed is of the essence
• Mix-ups or missing components during use is practically eliminated
As a particularly rapid reacting casting resin, which is easy to use ASODUR-GH-S is a proven solution on the building site. Cracks and joints up 5 mm wide in mineral-based screeds are powerfully sealed with the 2 component material, which guarantees especially quick building progress after application. With user friendliness in mind, the Detmold based manufacturer of system-based construction products, SCHOMBURG has now optimized the packaging unit, which offers increased convenience and security on both sales shelves and on the building site.
Everything necessary for using the products is supplied together. These are: exactly dosed quantities of components A and B of the two component casting resin, appropriate protective gloves for working with the product and 20 screed clips. Therefore one has everything needed readily to hand whether on the stockist’s shelf or on the building site. High levels of convenience, which additionally helps avoid application errors with the two components.
The application of the product is really simple. Via decanting and shaking, both components are blended in only 20 seconds, without additional tools. This guarantees clean work as well as the avoidance of unnecessary waste. The protective gloves approved by the trade association are already included, so safe work is assured. A further plus point for safety: in the mixed form, the casting resin is light yellow, so the user always has ongoing progress in view on complex sites. Double work or omissions are prevented through good visibility of the cracks and joints already treated.
As a medium viscosity material, ASODUR-GH-S does not slump in the cracks or joints but fills these reliably and flush. Laborious retrospective work or levelling is not required and the floor is immediately ready for use and following works such as e.g. coatings or tiling can be carried out after a short waiting time of only 25 minutes.
ASODUR-GH-S is classified as Emicode-EC1-Plus as very low emissions and resistant to dilute alkalis, acids and salt solutions as well as organic solvents.
ASODUR-GH-S is available at selected professional stockists. Further information about the product can be found at