Concrete adhesives INDUBOND-VK4031 and INDUBOND-VK4032 - new developments with powerful arguments

First success for our international development work: Dr. Mohammad Ibrahim, Manager of our development laboratory in Cairo, has developed the new INDUBOND family. INDUBOND-VK4031 und INDUBOND-VK4032 concerns two-component thixotropic epoxy based adhesives, which were primarily conceived for bonding concrete units but can also be used as universal adhesives for other materials such as metals or plastics and as smoothing materials. Both materials shine with their exceptional application properties and high strength values.

INDUBOND-VK4031 bonds solid concrete units together whereas INDUBOND-VK4032 is especially used as a bonding agent between old and fresh concrete. Both products are available in standard format (normal) and with extended working time (long pot life) for hot climates. INDUBOND-VK4032 is also offered with an additional corrosion inhibitor as INDUBOND-VK4032-aci, which is sought after, if the material is used as a primer coat on reinforcement or other metal surfaces.

Due to the multitude of installation possibilities and the attractive price point for our subsidiary company we also hope to make good turnover abroad.