Challenging waterproofing to water containers safely solved - even over and above the standards

With the help of two challenging projects, SCHOMBURG demonstrates how reliable and effective waterproofing functions and consequently impresses with years of expertise, advisory work and proven system solutions.

AQUAFIN-RB400 is the perfect solution for water containers even over 10 metres in filling depth.
• SCHOMBURG gives support with supplemental agreements and competent on-site presence.
• Mechanical technology offers clear advantages in application under time critical challenges.

Sometimes construction requirements are challenging – in both the implementation as well as in the search for an appropriate solution and competent support. Even with water containers over ten metres there are things to note in the planning. Especially as the demands go over and above the known standard DIN 18535 and “Test principles for rigid and flexible mineral-based waterproofing slurries as well as flexible polymer modified high build coatings for waterproofing of buildings”. Here only experience and sound advice, helps further. And, of course, a waterproof membrane that not only fulfils the requirements but also copes without problem. AQUAFIN-RB400 from the Detmold-based manufacturer of system-based construction products, SCHOMBURG is a safe solution here. The rapid-setting mineral-based structural waterproofing membrane is approved for use in water containers up to 25 metres and also clearly fulfils the standard with up to 10 metres. Thanks to its rapid and reactive through drying of the material, AQUAFIN-RB400 is also predestined for use in damp and cool environments. Additionally, the mineral-based structural waterproof membrane scores with its simple and rapid application, especially with a machine.
Together with the Contractor appointed Beutler und Lang (SBB) from the south German market, SCHOMBURG supervised two projects, which showed the reliability and advantages of the product for use in water containers. Mindful of AQUAFIN-RB400 and its good and comprehensive online information from SCHOMBURG, the contracting company entered into advisory talks with the construction specialist from Detmold.
Project number 1 was a sprinkler container in the upper Franconian Marktredwitz, which with an area of 70 square metres is not particularly large but with a diameter of 18.5 metres and a height of 5 metres, it had its perils. The steel reinforced concrete container needed to be urgently repaired. The wall plinth especially was in a poor state and had cracked in many places over the years.
In preparation, a comprehensive survey was undertaken with all parties leading to finalizing an appropriate system solution with AQUAFIN-RB400 as the waterproofing membrane. For organisational purposes, all materials were hand applied. The 70 square metre area was waterproofed within three days by five workers so that the water container could be put back into service in the shortest time.
Which benefits can be enjoyed when mechanically applying AQUAFIN-RB400 was demonstrated on the second project. In the Bavarian Burgbernheim a firefighting water container had seen better days. Uncountable cracks had made the 370 square metre steel reinforced concrete water container unusable. Once again Beutler & Lang was the appointed Contractor. The construction specialist and Managing Director Michael Beutler quickly recognised that methods such as filling by injection would not meet the objective to successfully seal the numerous small cracks. Therefore it was decided to ask the advice of SCHOMBURG and a site assessment for using AQUAFIN-RB400 as the waterproofing membrane in combination with additional system-based construction products such as e.g. the water repellent multi-purpose mortar ASOCRET-M30 for forming a watertight fillet in the wall and floor area. And this time mechanical application was also possible – with optimum results. In only one day the entire container was waterproofed with three instructed workers and a BMP 6 screw pump from b&m, inclusive of training and set-up time. The example clearly shows the time and economy advantage offered by the use of machinery for both small and large projects. In times of scarce skilled workers, highly price competitive projects and difficult site organisation such as e.g. the assurance of fire protection during the restoration was a high value criterium in the decision. With is smooth consistency, AQUAFIN-RB400 is predestined for mechanical application. Even after two days, the firefighting water container could be put back into service and the downtime reduced to a minimum.
An additional requirement with this project was the filling depth, which at 11.5 m clearly overshot the ten metre depth covered in DIN 18535. As the product properties of AQUAFIN-RB400 permit a filling depth of 25 metres, the implementation on the basis of a special agreement was no problem. The Detmold-based construction product specialist has put the mineral-based waterproof membrane through its paces in various situations in their own development department and stands behind its performance promises with conviction. And that means that the reactive, mineral-based high build coating securely waterproofs in an environment with damp, cool containers with a reliable curing process – and for many long years.


Three questions to Michael Kögler, sales management for the southern Germany region with SCHOMBURG

Mr. Kögler, what was the most challenging for both projects described?

Challenging was that we always have time critical projects when waterproofing water containers because the downtime must be kept as short as possible. Furthermore, we have to deal with damp and cool environments in which a quick and reliable curing process of the selected waterproofing must be guaranteed. Also, we must partly exceed the standard. Not everybody can waterproof above ten metres in a water container. With the customer Beutler & Lang and our reactive, mineral-based structural waterproofing membrane AQUAFIN-RB400, we were able to give a practically proven solution and a promise of performance upon which all named requirements could rely.

Small and large – give a specific requirement?

Every project is different, therefore we at SCHOMBURG always advise specifically and individually. This you can certainly see well here by comparison. The second and larger project was finished quicker with fewer personnel – in the first case work was carried out by hand. Mechanical application is the absolute best even on small projects. Thanks to its exceptional properties, AQUAFIN-RB400 is predestined to achieve exceptional results when sprayed.

There are often reservations.

Yes but unjustified. The training is not complex. Despite set-up times, one is much quicker with less manpower. In most cases, I recommend mechanical application. SCHOMBURG stands to one side ready to advise and also offers relevant site accompaniment.