CRISTALLFUGE-EPOX – New reaction resin grout from SCHOMBURG

• Latest technology permits time savings during application of up to 70%
• Effortless to use and permanently brilliant colours
• Especially suitable for high quality private residences
Since the beginning of the year, everything stays within the family – in the CRISTALLFUGE-Produktfamilie. The Detmold based manufacturer of system based building products, SCHOMBURG, is consolidating its grout range and now offers all products under the collective brand name “CRISTALLFUGE“.
The highlight of the family is the new epoxy resin based fine grout CRISTALLFUGE-EPOX. Developed with the latest technology, this three-component grout excels through its exceptional working properties as well as its optical appearance, brilliant colours and a fine surface structure. In addition to good resistance to acid containing household cleaners, the soft malleable consistency of CRISTALLFUGE-EPOX allows for an effortless and smooth application.
The mixed material can be applied with much less effort that comparable products and permits noticeably quicker work progress. Emulsification and wash-off are carried out in one operation with a hydro-sponge board and leads to optimal filling of the joint. A white pad is no longer required, which, in addition to time savings means savings on materials. In total, for grout application and wash-off, irrespective of project size, savings in time of up to 70% compared with conventional reaction resin grouts is possible.
CRISTALLFUGE-EPOX is from the most recent generation of epoxy resin technology – this is also apparent in the material consistency. It is considerably less sticky, which allows tools to be cleaned noticeably easier. Above all sponge boards last much longer, cleaning with water is very simple and is achieved almost without residue.
CRISTALLFUGE-EPOX is especially suitable for use in damp environments and wet rooms in high quality private residences but also in demanding situations such as, e.g., swimming pools, commercial kitchens and other areas in the food and chemical industry, where CRISTALLFUGE-EPOX is a safe solution. The cured grout offers protection against mould and bacteria and meets the standards in reliability. As a passive capillary reaction resin grout, CRISTALLFUGE-EPOX reliably prevents the absorption and transportation of water.
CRISTALLFUGE-EPOX allows joints up to 15 mm to be achieved. The working window is a generous 60 minutes. After 16 hours, the tiled finish is ready for foot traffic, and can receive light use after 48 hours and full use after seven days. CRISTALLFUGE-EPOX shows furthermore that modern building products are solution orientated by supporting the application and also accomplish a contribution to responsible building: with the Emicode mark, “EC1-Plus“, the three-component epoxy resin system is tested as low emissions and offers the best possible safety regarding indoor air pollution. In addition, Cristallfuge-Epox is tested to DIN EN 13888 as RG2 and can also be used as an adhesive tested to DIN EN 12004 as R2T.
In total the user can choose from 15 colours, which are compatible throughout the CRISTALLFUGE product family as well as within the ESCOSIL-2000-Silikonprogramm from SCHOMBURG. CRISTALLFUGE-EPOX is available in 3.5 kg combined packaging. Further information on the product can be found on the website