Everything in colour - new plant for single pack manufacture of INDUFLOOR put into service

After many years as a project, we can now ship single units from our production plant in series for our INDUFLOOR-3357 coating. The project team comprising technical, production, laboratory and market management stated in conclusion, that the project goal of being able to supply the customer with this high quality product in the shortest time, was achieved to its full extent. And "everything in colour". Completely matched to his site coating requirements, the customer has the torment of choosing between approx. 100 colourways, which are formulated in the laboratory with highly modern colorimetry and added to the dosage controlling software. In comparison to conventional mixing production, the newly won flexibility makes it possible, through a tightly monitored process, to computer control from the procurement of the starting materials, the dosing of the formulation components through to the mixing technology. Quality Control is closely connected to the process, which guarantees us the highest possible finished quality of the INDUFLOOR-3357 coating. This successful method is currently being extended to other INDUFLOOR coatings.