Foundation of the Albert Schomburg company and family trust

Albert Schomburg (78) will place the majority share of his company, SCHOMBURG GmbH & Co. KG in Detmold, into a trust that he founded. This will ensure the long term continuity of his company as an independent family business at the founding location. Establishing the Albert Schomburg company and family trust was finally defined on 2nd December 2016 with the handing over of the deed of foundation.
With affectionate words, Albert Schomburg greeted the district president Marianne Thomann-Stahl and once again he outlined the background to his trust. At the same time he thanked his advisor for their professional support and now hoped for totally positive further developments of his vision. “For me it is about securing the future of our company. Also about the security of our jobs or more precisely those in our region. In the process I am building especially on the science and development of our branch. I will put cultural stresses in different ‘directions’ and in the process, I think about the support of cultural and educational facilities”, said Albert Schomburg during this festive ceremony.
District president Marianne Thomann-Stahl then presented the owner of the SCHOMBURG group of companies, Albert Schomburg, the document to sign. During a congenial speech, she also highlighted the importance of trusts in general, but especially today. She underlined this type of company activity, which should provide for a secure future for the company but also for the families of the three owners. Ralph Schomburg, partner and director of the company, spoke about his father in a witty and personally unexpended speech, also on behalf of his brother, Albert Johannes Schomburg (currently engaged on projects in Asia), and thanked him for his exemplary attainments over all the previous decades with the company. He wished for further dynamic support, his advice and his trend-setting ideas. Alexander Weber, Director and speaker for the group, praised Albert Schomburg for his commitment, which is not only recognised regionally but also nationally. His real connection with his “extended Schomburg family” is at the core of this group of companies, which will also strongly shape the future. He thanked the district president for her inspiring words and also Renate Schomburg for her continual advice backing up her husband and in the name of the company, presented her with an appropriate bouquet of flowers.


External sales: 80 Mio. € worldwide, of which 36 Mio. € in Germany
Number of employees: 500 worldwide, 175 in Germany, 150 at head office in Detmold.
In 2016, the company directors reckon on a growth of approx. 7% for national business with international turnover stabilizing. For 2017, the group of companies plan for considerable growth with, amongst other investments, a spend at a level of 3 Mio. € at the head office in Detmold.