High strength tile grout - HF05-Brillantfuge

The tile grout program of the SCHOMBURG Group has been expanded with the high strength mineralic HF05-Brillantfuge.

The normal setting tile grout for joint widths of 3 - 20 mm fulfills the requirements of CG2 acc. DIN EN 13888. The product can be used on walls and floors, inside and outside.

The high abrasive resistance of HF05-Brilliantfuge makes this tile grout the ideal solution for all areas with high mechanical stress like for example caused by cleaning machines, high pressure water washers or scrubbing machines. Tiled surfaces in swimming pools, car washs, shops, industrial premises, shop floors etc. are typical fields.

Due to its dense mortar matrix an increased resistance to cleaning chemicals is achieved. Neutral and alkaline cleaners can be used at correct doseage without problems. Because of its reduced water uptake and resitance to fungae HF05-Brilliantfuge is ideal for use ine underwater areas.

Additional application fields are in residential areas, bath rooms, terraces, balconies, loggias and facades.

Although the product is normal setting with a working time of approx. 90 min., it is open to pedestrain traffic after 6 hours.

Like all tile grouts from SCHOMBURG, HF05-Brilliantfuge is free from harmful silica dust.

HF05-Brilliantfuge is available in two shades of gray in bags à 25kg.