Improved fine tile grout - ASO-Fugenbunt

SCHOMBURG's fine tile grout ASO-Fugenbunt has been reengineered. The improved formula convinces by a high degree of hydrophobicity and stain-resistance combined with an increased strength.

The normal setting tile grout for joint widths up to 6 mm meets the requirements of CG1 acc. to DIN 13888. The product may be used on walls and floors, inside and outside. Dry, damp and wet environments are typical application fields.

As the tile grout is quartz free formulated, it may be used for sensitive coverings as well. Scratches and damages to the tile can be avoided.

Like all tile grouts from SCHOMBURG ASO-Fugenbunt is free from harmful quartz dust.

ASO-Fugenbunt is aivailable in 7 colors and in bags à 5 kg and 20 kg.