Increased safety for white tanks: SCHOMBURG presents its new concrete waterproofing system

During construction of a concrete basement with a “white tank” (waterproof concrete), risks due to separating cracks are immanent. These cracks or incorrect joint waterproofing can enable water to penetrate into the structure, causing extensive damage. For construction of white tanks and to master joints and separating cracks, SCHOMBURG presents a reliable, complete system for (interior-) waterproofing of concrete at BAU 2019.

The system is based on the tried and tested BETOCRETE-C series. SCHOMBURG has offered a crystalline waterproofing concrete admixture for over 15 years. The method: Crystal-forming ingredients trigger a reaction between contacting moisture and the free lime of the cement. This results in millions of nano-crystals, which block the flow of water. The BETOCRETE-C series also offers an innovative 2-in-1 effect and also functions as a water resisting or plasticizer in addition to providing crystalline interior sealing.

For waterproofing construction joints in concrete, SCHOMBURG has expanded the already existing product range. Starting in 2019, AQUAFIN-CJ5 will provide a crystalline-coated joint panel. The system functions like the BETOCRETE-C series. In cracks up to 0.4 mm, nano-crystals are produced that block the flow of water. The coated joint panel is also tested up to 5.0 bar and may be installed either vertically or horizontally. Additional adhesion is not required, as the crystallisation makes holding clamps sufficient for overlapping. Alternatively, the proven SCHOMBURG sealing solutions for construction joints may be used. Both the injection of AQUAFIN-P4 elastic PU injection resin using the AQUAFIN-CJ1 injection hose, as well as AQUAFIN-CJ4 Bentonit swelling tape or AQUAFIN-CJ6 thermoplastic swelling joint tape offer reliable protection against penetrating moisture and securely makes construction joints waterproof.

To waterproof movement joints, SCHOMBURG has expanded its product range, and starting in 2019, it will offer AQUAFIN-EJ PVC expansion joint waterstops. These are available both as interior and exterior variants. A connection between the individual waterstops is possible using a welding machine, a welding axe, or a welding sword. Using the INDUFLEX-PS and INDUFLEX-MS joint waterproofing materials and the thermoplastic ASO-Tape joint tape, SCHOMBURG offers proven alternatives for sealing movement joints.

The new AQUAFIN-WM12 bonded waterproofing membrande completes the concrete waterproofing system. Thanks to the “second skin”, a building is additionally protected against penetrating water. In particular, this applies in cases where retroactive injection prescribed by standards is impossible. The foil may be welded by hot air using simple tools or bonded by glueing together the overlaps. In this way, a sealed connection is ensured.

To examine this issue, SCHOMBURG has published the brochure “BETOCRETE-C – Crystalline Concrete Waterproofing System”. The building product specialist from Detmold informs readers about benefits and applications and provides planning and use instructions on 20 pages. Detailed drawings, additional system applications, and clearly laid-out information tables offer ideal support for planning a reliable solution for waterproofing white tanks. The brochure is available for download at or can be requested from