Making floors good: With the new MONOFLEX-S2 from SCHOMBURG

Maximum adhesion and maximum flexibility when installing large and very large format tiles and panels to floors: This is offered by the new highly flexible and accelerated tile adhesive MONOFLEX-S2 from SCHOMBURG. Thanks to its long pot life, the new C2 E S2 classified tile adhesive (to DIN EN 12004) can be applied for up to 90 minutes, after which it sets speedily. After only six hours, floors laid with MONOFLEX-S2 can be walked on and grouted.
“MONOFLEX-S2 closes the gap between normal and particularly rapid setting tile adhesives. With its great technical performance and comfortable application at the highest level, it blends the best of both worlds”, says Ron Achteresch, Product Manager for tiles/natural stone and screed installation at SCHOMBURG.

Very good adhesion

Thanks to a highly polymer modified formulation, MONOFLEX-S2 impresses with exceptional tensile adhesion strength that makes it the optimum thin-bed adhesive for large and very large format tiles and panels in interior areas. Thanks to its very good wettability in combination with its high adhesion power and its flexibility, MONOFLEX-S2 compensates for shear stresses in the substrate.

Also, for installation to uncured cement-based screeds

Even with uncured (green) and critical substrates, MONOFLEX-S2 gives tile fixers security. Tiles can be laid with MONOFLEX-S2 onto cement-based screeds with higher moisture content (up to a maximum of 4.0 CM %) after only ten days with tile formats up to 120 x 120 cm.
“Even with uncured cement-based screeds, it is no longer necessary to wait for the substrate to become ready for installation. The installation can begin earlier and therefore projects and construction sites can be completed earlier than before. This gives you new possibilities in contract planning”, according to Achteresch, who sees big advantages here for general contractors and planners: “If you have to fight against delays in construction time on site, then the tile fixer can now act with the new MONOFLEX-S2 to optimize timing – without having to make compromises in quality of work”.

Very versatile

MONOFLEX-S2 from SCHOMBURG is suitable for the installation of tiles and slabs with levelling systems, on decoupling systems as well as for low-build underfloor heating constructions. Therefore, not only is it pre-destined for use in new-build but also for modernisation and renovation.
The new versatile tile adhesive from SCHOMBURG is available in 20 kg packaging.