New system for green concrete substrates

Conventionally produced concrete slabs require a minimum of 4 weeks drying until the residual moisture is sufficiently reduced to permit the installation of floor coverings. With INDUFLOOR-IB1250 it is now possible to reduce this waiting time to only 5 days. The system was successfully installed at the Swedish hospital in Issaquah near Seattle, USA. The concrete slab was installed there with a water cement value of 0.43 onto a dovetail substruture. After 5 days the concrete was adequately strong to permit the substrate preparation, shot blasting, to begin. On day 6 INDUFLOOR-IB1250 was installed after a few cracks had been previously treated with the product. The usual requirement to pre-wet the substrate was unnecessary in this case as the high residual moisture in the concrete still exhibited evaporation at approx. 5g/m²/h.

Only 12 hours after installing INDUFLOOR-IB1250 the surface was levelled with the smoothing screed SUPERCAP. With this system a 2,200 m² area was sufficiently ready within one week to permit the installation of the final floor finish.