Safety primer for structural waterproofing and renovation: the new AQUAFIN-Primer from SCHOMBURG

Greater bond, greater security, greater flexibility: the new AQUAFIN-Primer from SCHOMBURG offers these attributes, which serves as a one component safety primer for structural waterproofing and renovation. The new single component dispersion-based silicate primer can be directly applied without mixing and considerably improves the bond of subsequent waterproofing and mortar layers on mineral-based substrates such as concrete or masonry work. The new AQUAFIN-Primer from SCHOMBURG briskly dries to matt-damp, consolidates the substrate and can be overcoated within only 30 minutes.
“With the new safety primer we have the ideal addition to our AQUAFIN system range for structural waterproofing, then via this primer we ensure that waterproofing solutions such as our rapid reactive binding mineral-based high-build coating AQUAFIN-RB400 shows even greater advantages” says Rico Ramin, Product Manager for the structural waterproofing and restoration sector at SCHOMBURG.

Great flexibility

The new AQUAFIN-Primer not only improves the adhesion properties of polymer modified high-build coatings such as AQUAFIN-RB400, but also of mineral-based waterproofing slurries or the multi-purpose ASOCRET-M30 from SCHOMBURG. The AQUAFIN-Primer can also be used to prepare substrates in the THERMOPAL renovation plaster systems from SCHOMBURG. The new safety primer proves to be just as flexible with the substrates. AQUAFIN-Primer can be applied to strong as well as weak substrates such as e.g. concrete or masonry work.

High security

With the AQUAFIN-Primer, the applicator gets full security on the building site, then through the silicate primer, adhesion strength values are considerably improved due to the consolidating effect. Additionally, not only does the new AQUAFIN-Primer from SCHOMBURG improve adhesion, but it is also water repellent, has a substrate consolidating effect and consequently reduces the capillary absorption of the substrate. “This protects the substrate from moisture ingress at the surface. This is really important should there be unplanned work pauses in the waterproofing project” adds Ramin.

Adhesion active for one week long

In the case of long interruptions to the building programme: that is not a problem with the AQUAFIN-Primer from SCHOMBURG, then the safety primer remains adhesion active for up to one week. That gives the installation company maximum flexibility. They can coordinate their building programme quite differently, because waterproofing does not have to be applied wet in wet with our system primer, which is otherwise normal with pure silification primers”, explains Ramin.

Versatile application

Also with the choice of application methods, we have given the installer every freedom, then they can spray, brush or roller apply the AQUAFIN-Primer from SCHOMBURG. And not only externally but also internally. Also, thanks to the low emissions values according to the GEV-EMICODE, the primer is also suitable for interior rooms.
The new AQUAFIN-Primer is available immediately in 1, 5 or 10 litre containers from distributors.