SCHOMBURG introduces new videos and brochures on the topic of protective flooring / coating systems

SCHOMBURG offers economical and high-quality products in the area of floor protection and coating systems. From primer to coating and sealing, perfectly matched system solutions are available. To ensure that application is successful, SCHOMBURG has now published nine new processing videos to support work on the building site. A new brochure is also available that is dedicated to explaining the topic of floor protection and coating systems and supports both skilled workers and planners/ architects during their daily work.

Fresh, modern, helpful – not only do the new videos from SCHOMBURG on the topic of protective flooring / coating systems support work on the building site, they are also fun to watch and listen. Featuring an entertaining style and new music, they illustrate in detail what needs to be considered during application of primers, coatings, and sealing, and how the right application can produce the desired results. Descriptions include application of the primer ASODUR-SG3, application of coating ASODUR-B351, with or without scattered sand, and sealing with ASODUR-V2250. Proper repotting a two-component floor coating, which is necessary after mixing the material in the original container, is also described in the video in a clear manner that ensures reliable application. Further new videos are ASODUR-GBM – application of an epoxy primer and crack repair with ASODUR-K900 injection resin. All of the videos are provided both on the website and on the YouTube channel „SCHOMBURG TV“.

SCHOMBURG has also published the brochure “Protective flooring and coating systems – Applications. Systems. Advantages.” The building products specialist from Detmold informs the reader on 28 pages about application areas and application fields and correctly evaluating and preparing the substrate. In addition to this, helpful info boxes indicate the special characteristics of the respective application, and integrated QR codes link to the application videos described above. This provides immediate access without any searching to the right supporting video on the topic. Four matched systems for long-term, reliable floor protection are also presented. For critical substrates like oil-contaminated areas or areas exposed to water, domestic and commercial
secondary rooms and garages, commercial floors in trades and light industry, and for sensitive interior areas, balconies, terraces, and arcades, problem areas and requirements are described, and the corresponding reliable solution and the right application method are also described. The brochure is available for downloading at, or you can request it from