SCHOMBURG is expanding its MONOFLEX product range and introduces the accompanying brochure

Whether it’s for everyday work, large formats, or in case of demanding and time-pressured challenges – MONOFLEX tile adhesive from SCHOMBURG provides security for all of your requirements and reliable application. The S class of tile adhesives has now been complemented with two high-performance new products: Flexible S1 MONOFLEX tile adhesive and the white variant MONOFLEX-white.

MONOFLEX, the new flexible S1 tile adhesive, is the solid all-rounder for everyday tiling requirements, and it’s attractive thanks to its performance and high deflection in accordance with C2TE S1. Good application properties like high resistance against vertical slipping of tiles on walls and long setting times enable economic use. Thanks to its deformability, MONOFLEX is well-suited to tiling large formats and securely tiling on all substrates as per DIN 18157, Part 1. It’s also a system component based on SCHOMBURG bonded waterproof systems. MONOFLEX features enormous strength and a high degree of formability to guarantee reliability in any application. It fulfils the requirements of the AgBB plan and is tested according to DIN EN 12004, C2TE S1. MONOFLEX is available in a 25 kg plastic bag.

MONOFLEX-white, the new white and flexible S1 tile adhesive, is attractive for special demands thanks to its good application qualities. The white, bright appearance emphasises the exclusive character and application characteristics. MONOFLEX-white features enormous strength and high potential deformation, guaranteeing the application reliability, especially via enhancement with UNIFLEX-F in permanently wet and underwater areas. Thanks to its deformability, it’s suitable for setting large formats, and it’s appropriate for reliable application on all substrates according to DIN 18157, part 1. As a tile adhesive, it’s also a system component based on SCHOMBURG bonded waterproof systems and fulfils the requirements of the AgBB plan. MONOFLEX-white is tested in accordance with DIN EN 12004, C2TE S1. MONOFLEX-white is available in a 25 kg plastic bag.

MONOFLEX and MONOFLEX-white complement the MONOFLEX product range from SCHOMBURG, which are summarised and presented in an accompanying new 8-page brochure. Advantages and properties of the products MONOFLEX, MONOFLEX-XL, the highly yielding tile adhesive S1, MONOFLEX-FB, the flexible bedding tile adhesive S1, and MONOFLEX-white are described in a clear manner. A schematic detail structure for tiling large-format tiles and boards with MONOFLEX tile adhesive rounds of the informative brochure for this product range. Further MONOFLEX products are planned for market launch in 2019. The brochure is available for download at or can be requested from