SCHOMBURG is expanding its SOLOPLAN product range and introduces the accompanying brochure

SOLOPLAN floor levelling compounds from SCHOMBURG have always provided the optimum practicality with highest quality standards for all substrates. In order to meet this demand in the future as well, the building materials specialist from Detmold is continuously working on the further development and new development of its product portfolio. SOLOPLAN, the new floor levelling compound for indoor use up to 20 mm, is now expanding the product range of the same name. It is characterised in particular by the four-hour ready to receive time.

SOLOPLAN is a powdery, highly hardened pre-blended dry mortar for interior application, which ensures high levels of application convenience. The modern formulation of the floor levelling compound with high flowability enables it to be applied remarkably well and for up to 30 minutes. With the well-proven TopTec binder system, SOLOPLAN exhibits low shrinkage and reliable drying after approx. three hours and can be covered with ceramics after just four hours. The pumpable material can be used with a layer thickness of 2-20 mm. Suitable substrates include, for example, floor surfaces made of concrete in accordance with DIN 1045, heated and unheated cement-based screeds in accordance with DIN 18560, and old, firmly adhered tiled finishes.

SOLOPLAN is suitable for surfaces exposed to water if a suitable SCHOMBURG bonded waterproof system up to W1-I is applied at a subsequent stage. In addition, the new product is suitable for indoor use in accordance with the French VOC regulation and very low emission in accordance with GEV-Emicode EC1-Plus. SOLOPLAN is available in a 25 kg plastic bag.

SOLOPLAN expands the SCHOMBURG range of floor levelling compounds of the same name. The complete product range is summarised and presented in a new 8-page brochure. The advantages and properties of the products SOLOPLAN, SOLOPLAN-30-PLUS, the fibre-reinforced floor levelling compound up to 30 mm, SOLOPLAN-FA, the self-levelling, fibre-reinforced floor levelling compound and the widely applicable floor levelling compound ASO-NM15 are clearly presented. A schematic detail structure for levelling with SOLOPLAN floor levelling compounds rounds off the informative brochure for the product range. Further SOLOPLAN products are planned for market launch in 2019.

The brochure is available for download at or can be requested from