SCHOMBURG still a strong partner

Our company was founded in 1937 and has existed for over 80 years. As a medium sized enterprise and family business, in this century we have grown continuously into a company that is now active in over 50 countries.
We were not prepared for such a situation, which we are currently experiencing in relation to COVID-19. But we have made arrangements. And what is more important: we, and that is all our employees, have reacted quickly and carefully.

Deliveries are currently guaranteed
Our production is not impeded by the current situation and we are delivering to customers as usual. We made appropriate arrangements in good time to ensure production and productivity in all our departments and to minimize potential health risks to our employees, suppliers and customers.

Responsible Management
A prevention team coordinates regularly and ensures that the required regulatory measures are appropriately and quickly coordinated and implemented. This is based on the recommendations and advice of the Robert Koch Institute, the WHO and the Department of Health.

Availability ensured
Naturally it is not “business as usual” for us. When you reach us, your representative will perhaps already be sitting in their home office. Or our sales team may call you rather than the usual personal visit. But these are the same people, whom you have dealt with over the years and they know what you need.

Let us take the situation seriously but let us not forget our duties: to build the future for mankind. Therefore we remain throughout these times, the secure solution for our customers. You can reach us via all known channels, also at

This information is correct as of 23.03.2020.