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ASODUR-SG from SCHOMBURG are special primers for especially challenging substrates.
• Primers from the ASODUR-SG series from SCHOMBURG are also suitable for oil and grease contaminated substrates
• Moisture is not a problem
• Products harden quickly and therefore permit brisk following works
• New six page brochure available
The roll of primers can hardly be underestimated. If a primer doesn’t function then the rest will not work out. A good primer connects the substrate with the finishing material. A perfect special primer from the ASODUR-SG range from SCHOMBURG has many more functions.
Many substrates cannot be handled simply: in production areas and workshops there are often oil and grease residues, with other substrates like swimming pools for instance, there is high residual moisture. Also concrete installed direct to earth or with missing or damaged damp proof barriers are a challenge. The special primers from the ASODUR range from SCHOMBURG have particular properties, which reliably dispose of such problems.
All ASODUR special primers from SCHOMBURG can be used on damp substrates, resist negative water pressure, are alkali resistant up to a pH value of 14 and can be applied on very green substrates – approx. days old. Speed is another strength of the series. In part, the primers are ready for foot traffic after only three hours and all are ready to receive coatings after twelve hours at the latest.
For many years, trades people throughout the world stand by the special primers from SCHOMBURG – especially where the demands are high. In addition to the usual application in industrial and office buildings, in warehouses or subterranean garages, the primers are also used successfully in hospitals or schools. A particular discipline are constructions in which high moisture or vapour is expected: in the construction of swimming pools, saunas, steam baths and wellness centres, the contractors prefer to make plans with ASODUR primers from SCHOMBURG.
In total, five primers, all epoxy resin based are available to the applicator. A new six page brochure provides more exact information on product properties, which can be downloaded from Service, Downloads and floor protection/coating systems. Alternatively the brochure can be requested via