Ultra-rapid and especially white: the new restoration plaster THERMOPAL-ULTRA-white

Quite white, quite quick and applicable in the new daily system: this is how the new WTA certified rapid restoration plaster is presented THERMOPAL-ULTRA-white from SCHOMBURG for damp and salt-laden masonry work. Thanks to the Top-Tec-Technology from SCHOMBURG, the new THERMOPAL-ULTRA-white sets especially quickly and can be rubbed down after only 90 minutes.

“This allows small building sites to be finished even within one day – and that with a horizontal damp-proof barrier, surface applied waterproofing and a restoration plaster with an ultra-white surface. This offers professional tradespeople quite new possibilities in their contract and construction planning” says Rico Ramin, Product Manager for structural waterproofing and restoration at SCHOMBURG, the manufacturer of system-based construction products from Detmold.

The new daily system

The highly white THERMOPAL-ULTRA-white expands the range of restoration plasters from SCHOMBURG with a highly white variant that enters the new daily system for rapid restoration measures on one day. With the necessary surface applied waterproof membrane on the interior, the prepared and load-bearing masonry work is firstly treated with the salt converting ESCO-FLUAT against salts damaging to construction. The following horizontal damp-proof barrier is conducted using the injection cream AQUAFIN-i380. Finally, the wall is levelled and waterproofed with the water impermeable multi-mortar ASOCRET-M30 in one coat. The new restoration plaster THERMOPAL-ULTRA-white is then applied to the hardened waterproofing layer.

Salt storage and climate regulation

The big advantages of the new THERMOPAL-ULTRA-white from SCHOMBURG are the ability to store salts and to regulate the climate. Compared with conventional plasters such as lime or cement-based products, the new restoration plaster is impressive as it is not damaged by salts within the substrate and not pushed from the wall. In fact, it stores the salts within the pore structure thus preventing efflorescence. Water vapour can escape unhindered from the entire plaster build-up without causing damage. A further advantage for tradespeople; “The controlled material composition ensures a predictable sequence of work. Therefore restoration work can be rapidly completed even under critical environmental conditions“, explains Rico Ramin. THERMOPAL-ULTRA-white is available in watertight and recyclable 25 kg plastic sacks.

New brochure gives comprehensive overview

All Info about the restoration plaster range and its application as well as all restoration plaster systems is contained within the new system brochure Restore and waterproof damaged masonry work safely from SCHOMBURG. “Here we have summarized in overview the individual work measures and steps per working day. For small areas our daily system programme; then one is really finished in one working day. If one requires additional protection against exposure to damaging radon or discovers cracked substrates, we can offer the appropriate solution with our other restoration plasters”, according to Rico Ramin.
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