Water permeable single grain mortar - ASO-EZ4

SCHOMBURG is the first manufacturer to offer a single grain mortar that is water permeable whilst at the same time having a water repellent mortar bed.

ASO-EZ4 is a fibre-reinforced special cement for the production of water repellent screeds and mortars. Screeds and mortars produced with ASO-EZ4 excel through rapid hardening and early foot trafficking.

The void free bedding of tiles and slabs or uncalibrated natural stone on balconies and terraces is frequently only possible with difficulty. Therefore water permeable installation systems are prefered that discharge water e.g. in combination with the appropriate drainage mat.

Trass mortars frequently used here are clearly subject to less efflorescence from calcium carbonates like cementitious mortars. However lime can collect in the pores of the mortar bed and lead to blockages. Therefore longevity of water drainage is then not guaranteed.

ASO-EZ4 can can be used for the production of water repellent screeds, water repellent thick bed mortars but also for water permeable single grain mortars. Depenedent upon the particle size ditribution of the aggregate different mortar qualities are obtained.

When using as a single grain mortar ASO-EZ4 is mixed e.g. with chippings of particle size 2 - 5 mm or gravel 4 - 8 mm. The mixed mortar contains a void rich structure and leads water away. At the same time the mortar does not take up any moisture itself.

ASO-EZ4 is available in 25kg bags.