PVC tape

For detailed solutions and repairs within the AQUAFIN®-WM12 system

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Product details


  • System accessory for fresh concrete composite system AQUAFIN®-WM12

Areas of Application

  • For jointing butt joints in the surface applied waterproof membrane
  • For retrospective incorporation of areas of AQUAFIN®-WM12 after stripping
  • Component for producing shaped pieces for the AQUAFIN®-WM12 bonded system
  • For the repair of damaged areas of AQUAFIN®-WM12


  • Can be welded and bonded
  • Transparent (for greater safety when welding)


ca. 1 m per m

Article-No. Color Unit/Pallet Repackaging
207240-001 transparent 20 -
207240-002 transparent 20 -