AQWA bathing and sauna park, Walldorf, Germany

Indoor and open air pool
The AQWA in Walldorf entices with many attractions. The 80 metre long giant slide is one of the highlights. The climbing rope above the water offers pure action in the activity pool. For those seeking to be pampered leisurely, the passive area in the activity pool offers a jacuzzi area, massage jets and floor springs. The sports pool with diving boards has a 25 metre pool at its disposal. The diving boards at one and three metres meets the greatest of sporting demands. Furthermore there is also a baby pool. In harmony with nature, the external bathing lake invites splashing and swimming. In the course of constructing the new indoor pool, the banks of the bathing lake were levelled off and in a further section it becomes a sand beach.

Quiet zone and external terrace
The quiet zone on the sunshine island and the pool hall gallery invite relaxation with comfortable couches and cushions to sit on.

Sauna landscape - enheightened feel good atmosphere
There are diverse possibilities in the sauna area. In the 'luxury sauna' the conditioned air is visible. Soft mist settles on the skin irridescent like a rainbow. The temperature of 60 degrees provides gentle stimulation of the circulation in the presence of relaxing sounds.In the 'exclusive sauna' the eye sweeps over a nearby wood providing the most varied of natures beauty all year round. The temperature here is 90 degrees. The 'Victoria sauna' is the hottest. Here the temperature is 100 degrees. There is also the lake sauna. The lake panorama invites you to dream. The view over the water makes the 90 degrees of this classic finnish sauna feel considerably cooler. Furthermore there is a classic steam bath on offer. Even the showers and plunge pool are something special at AQWA. Whether it is the tropical rainforest shower or the special showering experience beneath illuminated gabion showers.

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