Farmstead in Bocholt, Germany

Conversion and restoration of a farmstead belonging to the Euting family.
Firstly the brickwork (Bocholt Feldbrand) was prepared in which the old render and paint residues were removed as well as loose pointing raked out to approx. 2 cm deep. Then the salt barrier ESCO-FLUAT was sprayed over all the wall areas to be treated. Finally a retrospective horizontal damp barrier was installed with the injection paste AQUIAFIN-i380 as well as drill holes filled with ASOCRET-M30. The area between the retrospective horizontal barrier and the base (wall/floor) was waterproofed with the waterproof slurry AQUAFIN-1K. The walls were levelled with the sulfate resistant mortar ASOCRET-M30. At the wall/floor junction, ASOCRET-M30 was worked into the freshly applied bonding slurry whilst still wet. Once dry, the product systems were coated again from the base to approx. 0.50 - 1.00 metre high with AQUAFIN-1K.

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