Cellar restoration in Büren, Germany

The building constructed in 1863 required restoration to the cellar due to damage from damp and efflorescence. Here the masonry work was completely cleaned as well as the loose pointing mortar raked out approx. 2 cm deep. This was followed by treating the substrate with ESCO-FLUAT. To finish, the waterproofing slurry AQUAFIN-1K in a total of 3 coats was applied mechanically. THERMOPAL-SP splatterdash coat was worked into the third coat, whilst it was still wet. One day later, the rapid setting restoration plaster, THERMOPAL-ULTRA was firstly stirred then mechanically spray applied with the Strobot 326 S equipment on to the substrate. The total thickness was approx. 2.5 cm. The surface of the restoration plaster was rubbed down after a short time. 2 days later it was finished with the white smooth restoration plaster THERMOPAL-FS33.

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