Embankment dam Moste - River Save, Slovenia

It was the 25 year track record that lead to the decision to use AQUAFIN-2K/M-PLUS. The 50 year old embankment dam of the river Save in the Karavanken mountains was refurbished with ASOCRET-RN and ASOCRET-BS2 in the year 2000 and subsequently coated with AQUAFIN-2K/M-PLUS. Previously the state Electricians Association in Ljublijana had tested AQUAFIN-2K/M-PLUS for sufficient flexibility when cold, adhesion to concrete and abrasion resistance. SCHOMBURG prevailed against three competitors.

If this refurbishment work for 7,000m² was carried out by hand application after mixing both components then with the modified AQUAFIN-2K/M-PLUS and the modified rendering machine PFT G4 it will be possible in the future to spray the coating from large pack sizes without pre-mixing.


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