Harbour restoration in Illichivsk, Ukraine

In October 2007 extensive work to repair and restore the concrete in the basin began in the harbour of the Ukrainian black sea town of Illichivsk near Odessa.

AQUAFIN Ukraine was charged with the restoration and renovation of the approx. 3,000 m² area with the proven PCC System. In total 28,000 kg of SCHOMBURG products such as ASOCRET-KS/HB, (INDUCRET-BIS-0/2 / INDUCRET-VK-PCC-Haftbrücke), ASOCRET-BIS-5/40 (ASOCRET-FM40 / INDUCRET-BIS-5/40), ASOCRET-GM100 and ASOCRET-BIS-1/6 (ASOCRET-FS / INDUCRET-BIS-1/6) have already been used.

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