Sewerage treatment plant, Slovakia

In 2009/2010 as part of the development of the sewer network, the local sewerage works was extended in Stupava (Slovakia). As part of the waterproofing work, many shrinkage cracks needed to be sealed (in total approx. 450 m). The existing cracks were injected followed by overcoating the cracked area and construction joints (wall-floor junsction) on the inside with the flexible waterproof slurry AQUAFIN-2K/M-PLUS incorporating the waterproof tape ASO-Dichtband-2000-S. Once all details were treated, the concrete surface was waterproofed with the aid of the crystalline waterproof slurry AQUAFIN-IC. Work was carried out using spray techniques with the HighPump M8.

Both waterproof slurries used, AQUAFIN-2K/M-PLUS and AQUAFIN-IC, are characterised by their proven resistance to liquid manure and demonstrate efficient waterproofing for areas of communal waste water, where mechanical stresses to the concrete surface can be eliminated.

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