Installation on heated and unheated calcium sulphate screed (CA) with normal residual moisture

CA flow screeds must be abraded, vacuumed and, as with all calcium sulphate substrates, primed with ASO-Unigrund. Heated screeds must be commissioned to recognised technical regulations before installing finishes. The readiness to receive floor finishes is determined by a CM device (carbide hygrometer). (CA screeds without underfloor heating: 0.5 CM%, CA screeds with underfloor heating: 0.3 CM%).

NOTE: Ensure that there is no rising damp coming from the substrate. This type of installation does not comply with the generally recognised rules of technology and must be contractually agreed separately.

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Solvent free universal primer, water and alkali resistant

Use when installing large format tiles, broadcast with quartz sand whilst the primer is still wet


Levelling compound for floors, 2 – 30 mm, in interior areas


Creamy consistency flexible adhesive S1

Rapid hardening, ductile flexible adhesive S1 for interior and exterior use

Accelerated hardening flow bed flexible mortar

Lightweight, low dust flexible adhesive for thin, medium and thick bed installation techniques

Flexible natural stone adhesive

Flexible thin-bed adhesive for CA screeds, prevents ettringite formation


Rapid hardening flexible grout, 3 – 20 mm joint width

Mineral-based multi-function flexible grout for tiles, natural stone and other finishes from 1-10 mm joint widths with FAST TECHNOLOGY

Silicone sealant for movement joints

Silicone sealant for use with natural stone