Interior installation on poured asphalt (AS)

In order to install tiles on poured asphalt, this must be of minimum quality AS-IC 10 and be of minimum 25 mm thickness. The asphalt screed must have from 10 – 15 mm movment joints against adjoining structures, which are to be brought through to the final floor surface.
If the screed is newly installed, ensure that it is blinded with quartz sand. If this is not the case, then the substrate must be primed with an epoxy resin such as ASODUR-GBM broadcast with 0.2 – 0.7 mm quartz sand whilst still wet, before waterproofing or tiling.

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Universal priming with epoxy base


Applied to a maximum thickness of 10 mm


Thermally insulating impact sound deadening and de-coupling board, 4/9/15 mm


Lightweight, low dust flexible adhesive for thin, medium and thick bed installation techniques

Deformable, rapid hardening flexible adhesive for heavy duty areas, also for natural stone, with FAST TECHNOLOGY

Flexible natural stone adhesive


Rapid hardening flexible grout, 3 – 20 mm joint width

Mineral-based multi-function flexible grout for tiles, natural stone and other finishes from 1 to 10 mm joint widths, with FAST TECHNOLOGY

Silicone sealant for movement joints

Silicone sealant for use with natural stone