Problems solved – SCHOMBURG shapes its competency in solutions with a new brand presence

New products, new image, new slogan – building products specialist SCHOMBURG starts the 2017 business year with a lot of innovation and a brand new image. The totally new brand presence powerfully embodies the strength of the company with different themes and arrangements.

With a new dynamic presence, SCHOMBURG wants to shape their comprehensive competency in solutions and systems even further. The East-Westphalian company represents a wide range of solutions, offering a resolution for practically every requirement and problem. The new slogan “Problems solved“ markets the dual use, which represents the core of the brand: SCHOMBURG certainly offers a solution for every problem – and that with products, which offer maximum security to the installer as well as the Architect.

SCHOMBURG also has the goal of an internationally clear message. The image theme with the New York skyline underlines the fact that SCHOMBURG’s solutions are used throughout the entire building horizon. The security and sovereignty of the solutions is marketed with the large castle, the company’s brand identity, which presides in the middle of the scene. “With this motif, we would like to emphasize that we belong to the true market greats“ explains Alexander Weber, member of the executive board, “then greatness is not measured by turnover alone, but by the unique qualities of product systems and competent solutions“.

Monumental architectural buildings also illustrate the key themes for the three most important areas of competency; structural waterproofing and restoration, tile/natural stone/screed installation and surface protection. A mighty dam, a swimming pool over the roofs of a metropolis and an office loft with an impressive view are silhouetted against the light from the sky with lightly dramatic weather moods – a sign of the sovereignty of the solution. The products are mostly presented in powerful perspective like on the stage in order to corroborate the fact that SCHOMBURG bestows the user with strength and security. Then the latest product innovations, from polymer modified bituminous coatings through waterproofing slurries and the waterproofing systems for tiling contractors, fulfill the most stringent of requirements in terms of security and quality of results.

Within the framework of the new image, SCHOMBURG presents four of the new product ranges already with product campaigns, which pointedly symbolically and emotionally illustrate convincing uses for the solutions. COMBIDIC-2K-PREMIUM, the star amongst the new polymer modified bituminous coatings goes with the key visual of a coloured sprinter on the starting line. The fibre-reinforced floor levelling compound SOLOPLAN-30-PLUS demonstrates security and high performance with a mountaineer together with climbing rope. For the flexible waterproofing slurry AQUAFIN-1K-PREMIUM, a cheetah establishes effortlessness and suppleness. And the BETOCRETE-C series, the crystalline waterproofer for concrete structures, appears as strong and insurmountable as a Rugby player with world class form.

The brand images as well as product campaigns are ready for exhibitions, stockists and technical magazines with adverts, brochures, promotional flyers, roll-ups and a new image video.